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Property Information

Spetses, Peloponnesus

Style: Traditional

Area: High society

Price: €1400000

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1. House 99,21 square metres with two bedrooms, bathroom, large living room. 

Veranda 29,28 square metres.

Ground floor 99,21 square metres on 128,50 square metres land, with a small flat of 45 square metres with independent bedroom, bathrooms, kitchen, hall and storage space of 83,49 square metres. 

2. Shop on the fron road 3 metres from the sea, 83,43 square metres. 

Shop terrace 80 square metres which is included in the house and not in the shop which is rented and has access from the kitchen of the first floor.  There is an extra set of staires from the front road towards the terrace of the shop.

At the back of the house and shop is a large planted garden,  

Total land: 220,57 square metres

3. Second shop, attached to the previous one, 83,43 + 22,75 square metres (extra space) = 106,18 square metres.

Non-covered land: 97,20 square metres without buidlings.  

Total land: 203,39 square metres

4. PLot of land 229,32 square metres with building capacity from the total 653,28 Χ 0,50 =326,64 square metres, 60,56 square metres.